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Bitcoin trading in the medium term 2021


Bitcoin trading in the medium term 2021, The cryptocurrency market is moving in both directions, with the price sometimes falling and increasing. Swinging in a market means identifying frequent timeframes for price behavior, and then taking advantage of it by buying or selling.


Bitcoin trading in the medium term, this medium-term trading tactic uses a presentation of price fluctuations as a way to identify trends within a certain period of time.


This is intended for experienced traders, especially those who understand charts and indicators. The applications of technical analysis and charting platforms in this strategy are invaluable.


Bitcoin trading in the medium term you need to understand the support and resistance points in order to use this strategy properly.


Relying on the trend

The trend or trend is similar to trading in the medium term despite some differences. When using medium-term trading, it usually includes the short and medium-term, while relying on the trend is directed at the long term.


You can capture the main events and causes behind the fluctuations but not get in the rate of change every hour. You should be more concerned with daily changes, as you want larger spreads.


The speculative strategy has more profit potential than the alternative tactic but requires slightly more investment.


However, Bitcoin trading in the medium term also runs a higher risk of losses if technical analysis is misinterpreted.


While the swing is a better fit for experts, trend trading can accommodate beginners as well as experts.


You should bear in mind that cryptocurrencies change value quickly and dramatically, and it is considered a highly volatile market.


Bitcoin trading in the medium term It is also good for beginners to try different trading methods either through fake trading software or with simple money investment just to learn.


You can also skip the daily complex analysis and focus on long-term indicators. On the downside, we have seen a number of users buying Bitcoin at levels of $ 20,000 at one point in 2018, dropping to $ 4,000 at the end of the year. Which cost them a lot because of this strategy, so a person must know the best entry and exit areas.